Monday, January 7, 2013

New Coffee Table

Since the dawn of time (well for six years, at least), Adam and I have had this coffee table:
From Hattiesburg, Miss. to Chapel Hill, NC and then to Nashville, the old coffee table has been with us.  We bought it when we first moved in together from an elderly couple who was going to throw it out.  It has served it's purpose, but it was time to retire the old girl when we moved into the house.

Ever since then, we've been working with this pseudo coffee table all the while looking for the PERFECT coffee table.

Finding the perfect coffee table is harder than you think, especially when you want something unique and one of a kind, so Adam decided he was going to make one.  Adam has a track record of making some pretty great stuff (exhibit A, B and C), so I had no doubt our coffee table was going to be fabulous as well!

Inspiration came in the form of a This Old House magazine featuring this dining room table.  When we went home over Christmas, Adam got to work with his dad on making the top of the table and finished the rest over the past two weekends at home.  Last night, he finished it, and I'm in LOVE!

Yay!  Isn't it awesome?!

The top is sassafras, and the bottom is piping from Home Depot.

It's great having a handyman around the house, and it's a bonus that he's cute!

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