Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Color Run

What's more fun than running a 5k?  Running a 5k while powdered paint is thrown at you!

This weekend, me, Nicole and Jennifer (Val's sub - we missed you, Val!) ran the Nashville Color Run.  So.Much.Fun!

 Prerace shot in the parking lot!

So the premise of the race, described as the "Happiest 5k on the Planet," is that at every kilometer, there is a color station where volunteers throw powdered paint on you.  Pretty cool, huh?!

I LOVE this picture - Nicole got this awesome shot at the very end of the race when everyone throws up their color packets that were given to them at registration.

 Us all nice and colorful!

The one downfall - we (Jennifer and I) parked RIGHT in front of one of the color stations, unbeknownst to us, and our cars were COVERED in pink/red powdered paint!!!  There were no signs saying "if you park here, your car will be covered in paint," no volunteers giving people a heads up or anything.  We had NO idea until we ran past our cars - SURPRISE!

 To top it off, runners wrote on Jennifer's car - even better!! NOT!

 Adam's truck got a nice dusting too!

Oh well, off to the car wash we went!  Still LOTS and LOTS of fun even if my armpits were stained blue for two days!

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  1. I was there! And we saw y'alls cars! We didn't write on them, I promise--we felt bad for you guys! It was a blast, I am going to blog about it Thursday.

    TMI alert: When I blew my nose yesterday, the snot was blue. :D

  2. How fun! So sad I missed it :( Maybe we could reenact the color bursts at your Halloween Party so I won't feel so sad. Bad idea? :) Thanks for being the stand-in Val, Jennifer!

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