Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Come On Down!!"

Have I mentioned that I have the sweetest husband ever?!?  No?....well, I DO!

Last week, Adam surprised me by sending me the sweetest evite inviting me to dinner followed by tickets to the Price is Right Live.  I was SO excited and of course, RSVP'd YES!

The Price is Right Live is the traveling version of the game show.  It's not taped nor is Drew Carey the host, but other than that, it's pretty much just like the game show we all grew up watching (and still watch!).  They pulled people right out the audience to participate.

We even got the cool price tag name tags!

They played all the old favorites: Punch-A-Box, Any Number, Cliff Hanger, Hole in One and Plink-O!

And then there was the big wheel and of course,

The Showcase Showdown!  
Which featured a CAR along with lots of other goodies.  Neither of the lucky contestants in the showcase showdown won, because they both overbid **cue the womp, womp, womp Price Is Right music**

Unfortunately, out of the 3,000 audience members, we weren't asked to "Come On Down!" but we had a blast cheering on the ones that were selected.  Only three people won - someone one $300, another $700 and a sweet little old lady won a fridge!

Definitely a date night for the books!

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  1. They are doing this in our town either this week or next. The tickets have been a very hot item and a total sell out. Glad you had a good time. Sherri (The HoundDogs)


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