Monday, September 24, 2012

Old Glory

On Labor Day, Adam and I decided to be crafty. I had been eying this rustic flag on pinterest forever.
 I showed Adam the pin, and he was quickly on board with making one for our living room.  We decided to make the flag out of an old pallet Adam found behind a dumpster a couple of nights before - Adam ALWAYS has his eye out for stuff.  The pallet was in really good shape, so he picked it up not knowing what he was going to use it for.  It turned out to be the perfect Labor Day project.

What do you think?!
I LOVE it! Half way through the project, I was really starting to doubt the possible final outcome because of those pesky stars, but it really came together in the end. I personally think it turned out better than the project on pinterest.

Of course, I took no pictures during the process, but it was super easy to make and pretty self explanatory.  We bought sample cans of paint and that was plenty!  We painted the would be blue box white first, traced the stars on and then carefully painted blue around them. This seemed like the best method to me, because I wasn't sure the white would show up so well on blue.

Hanging this bad boy was a COMPLETELY different story!  We really wanted to hang it in studs, because of the weight of the flag and the fear that the drywall would come ripping down, but after drilling multiple holes into the drywall (nope, not a stud!) and Adam threatening to throw not one but TWO crappy stud finders out the window, patching said holes and repainting, we decided it would be best just to anchored the flag to the drywall.   The package said the anchors could hold up to 148 lbs, and so far so good.  Hanging the flag was a bigger ordeal than making the flag!!
 But it was totally worth it!

Another successful pinterest project!

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