Thursday, July 5, 2012

Born on the 4th of July

The festivities kicked off Tuesday night with an outdoor concert at Tin Roof featuring Nashville's own, Apache Relay and Moon Taxi.
 Great music, great friends: Brooklyn, Nicole and me.

As new East Nashvillians, it was only fitting that we spend our first 4th of July at the one and only....
From Gourmet magazine: Most people think of fried chicken as comfort food. In Nashville restaurants, it is extremely discomforting…in the best possible way. The city's unique "hot chicken," which is deep-fried then infused with a red-pepper paste that blows the top off normal standards of spiciness, is dangerously exhilarating. Once little-known outside Nashville's African-American community, this dish has become the city's pride, inspiring an annual Independence Day Hot Chicken Festival.

Lines and lines of people waiting to get their hands on some hot chicken from restaurants and food trucks from all over Middle Tennessee.

Adam and I knew EXACTLY who we wanted to try...
 East Nashville's own, Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish. 
Your options: plain, mild, hot or hotter.  I told the guy I wanted a little kick, so he advised mild.

 Bolton's mild chicken on a stick served with two pieces of white bread.  Mild my ass....

After burgers on the grill, margaritas and homemade butter pecan ice cream, the night ended with the downtown fireworks seen from our own backyard - can't beat that!

Hope your 4th was just as fun!

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