Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lemme Upgrade U

That's a little Beyonce for ya!

Who doesn't love a good before and after shot!?!

BEFORE - The front yard when we moved in:
BLAH!  The house is a new construction, so the yard was completely destroyed during the building process.  The front yard (and back) was just dirt covered in a layer of straw.

Shortly after moving in, we planted grass in the front yard.  The back needed/s more work, so we're hoping to plant grass back there in the fall.

AFTER (2 months after planting grass):
 MUCH better!

The grass is a little patchy in some spots, but anything's better than straw!

Next up, a new doorbell! BEFORE:
I really didn't have a problem with our doorbell, and it really hadn't crossed my mind to even replace it until Adam showed me an article in This Old House featuring fun/different doorbells.  I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with one particular one and ordered it the next day online at

How fun is a pineapple doorbell?!?  Ahhhh, I just LOVE it!  You can't tell from the picture because it was so bright out, but the button glows a bright redish/pinkish color.


It's so fun adding little touches here and there and really making our house our own.

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  1. Super, super cute! You might be seeing a new doorbell over at Casa de Somerville soon! :P

    Adam's grass looks GREAT!

  2. The grass does look great! Good job

  3. Yes, Love the new door bell! The yard will be filled in, in no time. -Kerry


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