Friday, June 1, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Last Sunday morning, Adam and I headed over to the Nashville Flea Market.  The flea market is only held once a month on the last weekend of the month, and it's HUGE!  I'd never been, but Adam had, and he'd been DYING to take me.

So off we went!  I have to admit, it was all Adam hyped it up to be.  The only problem was that it was BLAZIN' hot, to the point that it was miserable, that morning!

My flea market find -  
This awesome coat rack! I fell IN LOVE with it instantly, and with only a $30 price tag, it was mine!

Adam was pretty excited with his finds too.  He got these three blueberry bushes for only $5 a piece!

He also got this peach tree for a whoppin' 10 bucks!
 It already has little peaches on it.
He did good!  Adam later looked up the prices of blueberry bushes and peach trees online, and we EASILY saved $50!  If you're in the market for fruit trees, definitely go on a Sunday, because the vendors are trying to get rid of everything, so they'll have less to haul back.  These prices were their "Sunday Specials."

I definitely want to go back.....but not til the Fall!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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