Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The main reason for my trip home last week was for Jessie's graduation, but I also managed to squeeze in lots of family time along with:
Antique shopping
Delicious food

 Cotton candy snowcones

 and boiled crawfish!

I spotted this little guy and his brother on the side of the road for sale and IMMEDIATELY pulled over.  I just HAD to hold them both.  Two 10-week old, male basset puppies.  Have you ever seen a sweeter face?!?  I wanted him SO bad, but 1. We do NOT need another dog and 2. I really feel strongly about rescuing pups and not purchasing. It was fun to hold them though.
How SWEET is he??

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  1. Hello Shannon!!! Thank you for dropping us a message. Yes, we plan to be at the Basset Hound Waltz next weekend. How excellent you all will be there too :-)


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