Monday, May 14, 2012

The 11th Day of May

May 11th may just be another day on the calendar for most, but for me, it's my BIRTHDAY!  This year marked 27 glorious years.  My 18-year-old sister was quick to inform me, "I mean, you're almost 30!  That's crazy, because 30 is OLD!"  Thanks, Jess!

I don't feel old, and I, by NO means, think 30 is old.  I'm exactly where I hoped I'd be in life at 27, so I feel extremely blessed and well...happy.

I had a FABULOUS birthday filled with birthday texts, facebook messages, sweet phone calls and cards in the mail.  There were cupcakes at work and a lunch date with friends.  At home, a dozen cupcakes from Cupcake Collection were waiting for me along with gifts all from my sweet hubby.  The night ended with dinner at a new restaurant, Urban Grub, with my love.  Great.Day.

I just have to share my fabulous birthday gifts!  From Adam:

Anderson Design Group prints for the kitchen.  LOVE them!

Anderson Design Studio is a local Nashville design group, and these prints are part of their "Spirit of Nashville" line.  Mas Tacos and Cupcake Collection are both local restaurants and two of my favorite spots in town!

I also received some birthday money in the mail from my sweet in-laws.  (Did I mention I have the BEST in-laws?!? No really, I do!)  So I decided to go see if a rug I've been eyeing for almost two months was still as Essex.  Essex is a local chain of bargain stores, and everything is marked by the date it arrived in the store and the price.  After 30 days on the shelf, items start being marked down.  It starts at 10% and goes down an additional 10% every week after.

I was CONVINCED the rug wouldn't be there anymore, but I needed to check to be sure so I could stop thinking about it.  Well, low and behold, it was still there!  I was SO excited!  The rug was originally priced $108, but since it had been there since March 20, it was now 30% off!  SCORE!  That brought my grand total with tax to $83 dollars!

 I just LOVE this rug!  It's absolutely perfect in our living room.
(PLEASE ignore our pseudo coffee table.  That's next on the list!)

What's even better is that I looked up this rug online to see what it retails for.  The rug is a Dwell Studio rug, and this EXACT one retails for $275!  Cha-Ching!!  That's only a savings of $192!!

Of course - as soon as the camera came out, someone popped right over for a photo shoot.  Seriously, he was chillin in his bed, but jumped up when I started taking pictures....

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  1. What an awesome birthday! Props to Adam for such a great gift!!

  2. Happy belated birthday!! I LOVE that rug and actually saw it on Dwell's website a few weeks ago. I'm thinking of something similar for the nursery but didn't want to pay that much on Dwell's site.


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