Monday, April 16, 2012

My Weekend Project

I've been on the hunt for kitchen stools ever since we moved into the house.  Every time we stop by a thrift store, I'd make a quick sweep around the room for some, but have been unsuccessful.  I didn't want to buy new because 1. I'm cheap and 2. I really had something very particular in mind, and I knew I wouldn't be able to find it in stores (without spending an arm and a leg...).

So Friday, it occurred to me, "Duh, check craig's list!"  Within two minutes, I'd found the exact stools I was looking for.

Perfect, right?
Adam's first response, "Um....they're ok...." He just couldn't see my vision.

A sweet old lady was selling four stools for $45.  I only needed three, so I emailed her to see if I could buy three for $30.  To my surprise, she said YES, so I rushed to her house to pick them up!

My plan was to strip off the old cushions, repaint the stools and reupholster the seats.  Easy enough, right?

I had never reupholstered anything but Adam had, and I found a great tutorial on pinterest.
I followed this tutorial step-by-step, and it was right on the money.  Highly recommend it!

The hardest part was removing the old upholstering.  The lady I bought them from had done her own little handy work, and there was a million and three staples to be removed.  Once I got them removed, I found another little surprise!  She had simply put fabric over old leather seats, so MORE staples had to be removed.  Two layers of staples on three stools is BACK BREAKING!!

Once I FINALLY got the old cushioning removed, I sanded the stools a little and then painted them with the white paint I had left over from painting the kitchen.

The easiest part was the actual reupholstering part.  I enlisted the help of Adam, followed the tutorial step-by-step and knocked it out in no time.

So what do you think?

 I wanted fun, bright colors/fabric, and these fit the bill perfectly!

I just LOVE them!  They are exactly what I envisioned!

After a $45 trip to JoAnn's for supplies (fabric, batting, foam and scotch-gard) and purchasing the stools for $30 on craig's list, my grand total was $75.  I'd say $25 a stool is pretty darn good!

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  1. You are so creative. I have to say when I first seen them I was like your husband. They are okay, but to see the finished project. They are awesome and I love the colors you switched to for the material. Love all your remodels, but I think we are needing a Beauf picture soon. Sniffs, the HoundDogs

    1. Thank you! And I was just thinking the same thing! Stay tuned for a full Beauf update this week! Promise!

  2. Love love love! I have 2 kitchen stools that are just unpainted wood and I've been needing some inspiration on what to do with them!


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