Monday, April 9, 2012

An Actually EASY Pinterest Project

First off - marathon training is successfully back on track!  15 miles yesterday morning with the East Nasties - BOOM!

Ok, enough of that and on with the point of this post.....

A while back, I pinned this, and I decided this weekend I would actually make a few.

I didn't have any large mason jars, so I just used pint sized ones instead.  I also prefer the foaming soap, so I used the lid from the Wal-Mart brand foaming soap.  I had a Dial foaming soap container as well, but I really liked how the Wal-Mart brand pump was short and fat.  The Dial soap was a little too tall and skinny for the pint size mason jar.

Adam drilled a hole in the middle of each jar lid, and I just simply pulled back the metal with needle-nose pliers until the pump could fit through.  No one will ever know if your hole is all wonky (like mine were), because that part will be covered up by the top of the pump :)

Once the pump was through the hole, I hot glued the pump in placed on the bottom side of the lid and filled in any holes.

 Ta-Da!  Easy as pie!

I made three: one for the guest bath, half bath and the kitchen. They are so stinkin' cute!  Oh and FREE, since I already had all the supplies - even better!

FINALLY - an actually easy pinterest project!

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