Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Orleans Half

This weekend, Adam and I ran the Rock N' Roll New Orleans Half Marathon.

The race started bright and early at 7 a.m. on Sunday in downtown New Orleans.  Luckily, our hotel was only a few blocks away, so we were able to walk to the start line 30 minutes before go-time.  Saturday was cold and cloudy, but Sunday was BEAUTIFUL with blue skies and 50 degree weather.

 A few pre-race shots.

New Orleans is such a beautiful city, and being able to run through it was amazing.  The route took us through the Garden district and down Jackson Square. 

Just like with the Country Music Half, there were bands and cheerleaders all along the route.  This band was rockin' "When The Saints Go Marching In" when I ran past.  Loved it!

 There were a few characters along the way...How ole Brees ran 13.1 miles in pads is beyond me!

 Gettin' it done!

And New Orleans makes 3!

The race was awesome!  Great crowds cheering you on, PERFECT weather and of course, the best part - a FLAT course!

Our goals for the race:
Adam - 1:45 (5 minutes better than his last half)
Me - 1:55 (5 minutes better than my last half)

We both did it!  Right on the money, I might add. 
New PRs! Whoop Whoop!

So how did we celebrate?
With some a-maz-ing smothered, covered and fried brunch at The Camellia Grill.  That food will make you wanna slap ya mama!

Next up - the big kahuna, the Country Music Marathon!

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  1. Congrats! Y'all did awesome. I know I couldn't have done it in that time frame.

  2. So glad I have a best friend that inspires me!

    1. You're killing me, Chell! I live to inspire others - lol!


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