Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm Back...Sorta

After fighting for my life these past couple of days (not really, but it felt like it), I am finally back to somewhat feeling like my old self which also means I'm back at work....

On our way home from New Orleans last Monday, I started to get a little tickle in my throat.  That tickle grew into a sore throat that led to a cough that led to me continually spiraling downhill the rest of the week.  By Friday, I had no voice and felt like death.  Saturday and Sunday was spent primarily in the bed with a fever.

When Monday rolled around and I still had a fever, my loving husband no longer suggested but DEMANDED that I go to the doctor.  I had been fighting it, because I just thought I had a sinus infection. I rarely go to the doctor for one of those, because they usually just work themselves out with a little help from some over-the-counter meds.

Well come to find out, it wasn't a sinus infection as I had suspected but pneumonia. Hearing that someone has pneumonia always terrifies me, because it can land you in the hospital and can be, in worse case scenario, deadly.  This is a first for me.  The doctor's exact words to me when he was listening to my chest as I took deep breaths in and out:

Doc, somewhat puzzledly: "You don't smoke?"
Me: "No" (he had already asked me that once)
Doc: "Well then this right lung sounds really bad."

So I was prescribed a heavy duty cough syrup and some antibiotics.  Those antibiotics are like little miracle pills.  I took two doses yesterday and spent the remainder of the day in bed.  When I woke up this morning after feeling like death for the past five days, I felt 110x better.  I'm definitely not 100% yet, but I feel SO much better already.

Sorry to everyone who had to come in contact with me over the weekend.  I really hope Adam doesn't get sick.  He has been really sweet and attentive, but he has also kept his respectable distance.

I was/am really bummed that my marathon training got derailed.  I haven't missed one scheduled run since we started in January, but unfortunately I had to hang up the running shoes this past weekend which meant I missed my 17 miler.

There's always next weekend, right?

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. I finally went to the doc and had sinus infection, and ear infections so I am z-pak but feeling much better. So glad you finally listed to the husband and went to the doctor. Sniffs, The HoundDogs and Sherri

    1. Thanks, Sherri. Hope you get to feeling better too!


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