Friday, February 10, 2012

Mr. Weather

First off, if you missed my post on Wednesday, sorry I deleted it.  The video was removed from YouTube due to copyright issues, and I couldn't find another one, soooo I just deleted the post.  The post featured a video of Ellen on her show standing up to her haters, One Million Moms.  You can read the full story here.


We are running our second half marathon TOMORROW!!  Can I just talk for a minute about the crazy Nashville weather we have been experiencing recently?  Well, just like the rest of the country, it has been extremely warm for January and February, which has been WONDERFUL!  I Hate, with a capital H, cold weather, so I haven't missed it for a minute!  It has been so wonderful running outside on the weekends. B-E-A-utiful weather, I'm telling ya.

Well ironically, the half marathon we are running tomorrow is called the Frostbite Half Marathon, and it was like ole Mr. Weather thought to himself, "Oh gosh, it's the weekend of the Frostbite Half.  Can't have the Frostbite without a little frostbite!" 

Good grief, the temp has dropped dramatically this week, and I'm going to freeze my bum off tomorrow!  Thank goodness, the race doesn't start until 11 a.m., so at least it will have time to warm up a little.  Oh wait, the high for tomorrow is....

Well, at least I won't have to worry about the pain, because I'll be running in my own personal ice bath.  YES!!

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  1. Did you see the flurries today?!?! I couldn't believe it! Tomorrow is going to be cold, and I blame it all on my dad coming from FL. He decided since the weather has been so mild he'd come for a month. He gets here and it has steadily gotten colder.

  2. Good luck in the marathon! We are supposed to have flurries down here in Huntsville tonight. Brrrr.

  3. Good luck! I'll be thinking about you and wishing I had your dedication!

    I saw that clip on Ellen this week - it was fantastic. I just love her.

  4. Good luck! It is a cold one this weekend but maybe (if you are lucky)Beauford will be your heating blanket when you get home. Can't wait for the update!


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