Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dailymile: January

Month one of marathon training is complete!

Can we just stop for a minute an admire that 89?!?  89 miles!!  Holy crap!

Ok, so how was the first month?  Not too bad, actually.  I have never trained with a plan, and I love it.  It has made training so much easier.  What was I thinking before?!?  I know exactly how many miles I have to run for each run in advance, so there's no, "Um, I think I'll do x-amount of miles today, no make that x-amount instead.  Well, I don't really feel like x-amount today."  That's not an option, because what the plan says goes!

We didn't miss one scheduled run this month.  We even got up and ran before work yesterday, because we both had stuff going on after work and wouldn't be able to run that night.  Getting up at 5 a.m. to go to the gym is dedication, people!!

We have yet to cross over the 13.1 mile mark - official uncharted territory, but February will bring that as well as another half marathon (Feb. 11).

Check out my marathon training plan here and let's be friends on dailymile (I actually have a few friends over there now, but not enough - can we be friends??)

We're a quarter of the way to official "marathoner" status!

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