Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend In Review

Saturday, I was on baby overload.  Not only did I spend the afternoon with sweet little Claire (who I took no pictures of, and I could just kick myself...), Adam and I also got to babysat Neil that night.  Heck, no need for my own child when there are so many I can just borrow and return later.

This little booger is the sweetest baby ever.  No crying, no fussing, nothing.  He was just so happy, even with a little cold.  Adam even made the comment later that he hoped our future children are as easy and chill as Neil.

Beauford was, once again, really curious, but this time he was not much of a fan.  He did NOT like all the attention Neil was getting, and he let us know real quick.

He spent the majority of the night pouting like the mature 2-year-old he is.

We recently watched Crazy Stupid Love.  CRAZY good! I wasn't sure Adam would like it (or me, for that matter), but we were both really impressed.  Gosh, I love Steve Carell (and Ryan Gosling shirtless, but I digress.....)

Sunday, Adam and I ventured into the double-digit zone of our marathon training.  10 miles, boys and girls!  This is only the beginning for double-digits.  I will soon be missing those sweet "little" 10 mile runs.  Check back on Wednesday for a full marathon training update.

Happy Monday, my fearless work goers!

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