Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week One - Check!

Week One of the Marathon Survival Guide is done!  We finished the last run of the week this morning - a 7 mile run, bringing this week's total to 18 miles.

Overall thoughts: we have yet to enter uncharted territory, so all is well.  We have been running anywhere between 4-7 miles on all our runs pre-training, so this week was the same as usual.  Next week, everything changes, and we actually start running more miles than we normally do.

I did some research this week on hydrating while running, and the use of gel packs or chews.  I ran with a camel pack last year for the half marathon and was really happy with having water at my disposal whenever I needed it.  I'm going to start running with it for all runs that are 9+ miles.

I also used gels packs when training for the half marathon, but I had no plan on when to take it (nor did I have a training plan...).  This time, I'm all about a plan!  I want to know EXACTLY when to take gels.  So the current plan is to take one gel per every hour of running.  I also really like chews, so I might just carry them and pop one in when I need one.  For the marathon, the plan is to take a gel at mile 8, 13, 18 and 22.

All-in-all, the main goal is to live to tell the tale!

1 down, 16 weeks to go! Holy moly....

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