Wednesday, January 11, 2012

News Update

Who needs CNN and FoxNews?!?  Here's a little update on the REAL news that matters.....

Kim Kardashian is being replaced by a French bulldog in this year's Sketchers Super Bowl commercial.  Kim starred in the 2011 Super Bowl commercial for Sketchers.  So much for sex selling, it looks like cuteness is in!
My thoughts - Bahahaha!

Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy Carter into the world this week.
What's disturbing is that the two paid to have 6-8 rooms at the hospital tore down and turned into two over-the-top suites for them.  The rooms have been sitting empty for a month waiting for the grand arrival.  Really?? You're at the hospital for two days MAX, and a normal room is not good enough for you - makes me think differently of Beyonce.....

Teen Mom 2 Leah is engaged to this guy and pregnant with baby #3.
Seriously!?  Really sad....

And last BUT definitely not least....

It's not particularly celebrity news, but it's trashy news - so that counts, right?!?

Did yall hear about this??  Good Lord!  18-year-old Sydney Spies submitted this little jewel of a photo for her high school yearbook, and it got rejected.
 Huh?  Go figure!

Sydney AND her mother threw a big fit, so instead the school is allowing the girl to buy a $300 ad with this photo to be displayed in the back of the annual.
REALLY, people!!

And now you're up-to-date!

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  1. I cannot believe Leah is pregnant AGAIN!! That poor child is going to have her hands full...and sad her and Cory couldn't work it out :(

    And yeah, I love B, but that's a little excessive, yo.


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