Friday, January 20, 2012

Few Things Fridays

This guy is currently out of his crate roaming around our apartment.  This is yet another attempt to let him free range.  He did great yesterday, but he has a notorious track record of doing good for a couple of consecutive days, then peeing (or worse, pooping) in the house.
So say a little prayer for Beauf that he holds his urine and gets to continue on as a free pup.  I really like the idea of him being out all day, but I do NOT like the idea of coming home to pee and poop!

Why do four-day work weeks seem SO much longer than normal weeks?!?  Good grief, I'm glad it's Friday!
Y'all know I loved me some TGIF!

We got the Hangover Part II on Netflix and plan to watch it tonight.  I loved, Loved, LOVED the first one, so I hope the second one doesn't disappoint.

I saw this on Pinterest, and it made me laugh -
Man those were the BEST days!  MOVIE DAY!  Unless they were educational, then it was just lame....

And last, but definitely not least, this girl posted this video this morning, and I could NOT stop laughing. SO funny! Of course, I do none of those things.....(HA!)

Happy Friday!!

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  1. I loved TGIF!! We watched those shows every Friday!

  2. I really liked that dinosaur show, I can still remember the catch phrase: "Not the Momma!".


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