Tuesday, January 3, 2012

dailymile: December

December wasn't too shabby.  I once again surpassed last month, so all is well and right in the world!

Yesterday was the officially start of our Country Music Marathon Survival Guide.  This past weekend was B-E-A-UTIFUL  in Nashville, but of course, yesterday (my last day of vacation and the day we decided to start our training plan...) it was in the low 30s all day with winds straight out of the Arctic Tundra.  Against my will, I ran outside with Adam and yes, I was thinking evil thoughts and planning his death in my head for the first half of the six mile run, but after I defrosted, things started to look up and I was glad to be outside and off a treadmill.  First run of the marathon survival guide - check!

If all goes as planned, I should log over 80 miles this month - 80!  Holy moly, this might get interesting....

Are you on dailymile?  Let's be friends (since I only have two and one's my husband....).

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