Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Plan

"Operation: Marathon" officially begins January 1.  The training plan aka Country Music Marathon Survival Guide is finished and ready to be implemented.  It's a four month plan that I'm pretty sure is going to kick my butt!  I tweeked this girl's first marathon training plan, and I feel pretty confident with it.  We are going to run two half marathons during the training, so that will help a lot because races are 110x more fun than just running.

Each week, we will run three days a week - two shorter runs during the week and one long run on the weekend. Due to it getting dark so early, all the week day runs will be on the treadmill and all weekend runs will be outside.  Luckily I'll never have to run double digits on the treadmill!

Once a week, we will do some type of cross training (something besides running).  More than likely this will be workout videos.  If you have Comcast OnDemand, you should check out the free workout videos they offer.  Adam and I already run three times a week and do a video once a week, so this won't be anything new.  Some of you are probably chuckling at the thought of a guy doing a workout video, but don't be fooled.  Those videos are NO joke!  I think it's important to do something besides running, because you only work certain muscles when running.  I may be able to run fairly long distances, but those videos will have me gasping for air like it ain't nobody's business!  And sore - man, talk about sore the next day!  Our favorites are P90X, Jillian Michaels and Chris Freytag - these three really aren't for beginners.

Goals for the next four months:
  • To stick to the plan and get every required run in (It's going to be REALLY hard on the 22 mile day...)
  • To RUN the whole marathon, NO walking
  • To finish both half marathons under two hours
  • I don't want to have a time goal for the marathon because 1. I've never ran a marathon, so I don't know what's realistic and 2. I just want to finish. But secretly, I want to finish under four hours....
All I can say is "This should be interesting...."

 Pretty much...

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