Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Magic Santa

Have you heard of this?  My friend posted one she made for her daughter on facebook yesterday, and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever!

You can personalized a message from Santa including pictures of your child, their name, what they want for Christmas and the list goes on and on.  And the best part is that it's free!

If you don't have children or nieces and nephews to make one for (like moi), don't worry - it has the option to make one for the not-so-young people in your life.  I may of had a little fun messing around with it yesterday -

Santa's message to Adam
Santa's message to Brennon, my 15-year-old brother

Remember when I mentioned that Taylor Swift was filming a music video in my building?  Well, here's the video.  She didn't film on my floor (nor did she film on 13, it was actually 6, but I digress...).  Promise my job is not as drabby as it appears in the video.  Because if it was, good lawd help me!

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  1. Love Santa's message to Adam. Hilarious.

    Love TSwift's video! Is that Matt Saracen??! It's fun seeing all of the Nashville spots in the vid.


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