Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope your day is spent with the ones you love and that there's lots and lots of yummy food involved!

It's just me, Adam and Beauford today, but boy, how I love those two.  Adam's making a turkey breast, and I'm in charge of the sides (which include twice baked sweet potatoes, butter beans and rolls) and a dessert.  We are just going to enjoy the day and be lazy.  I'm sure the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, football and True Blood Season 3 will be involved.

Copying my friend Mindi, I'm writing out my ABC list of thankfulness in honor of turkey day.

A: Adam, even though he's at the top of the list because his name starts with an A, he is always what I am most thankful for in my life.  I don't know what I'd do or who I'd be with that man.
B: Beauford, my sweet sweet pup
C: Coffee creamer, so many varieties, so little time!
D: Desserts, I love baking them and I love eating them.
E: Extra long hugs in the morning
F: Family, every last one of them. From great aunts to first cousins, thankful for them all.
G: Great Friends
H: Health, sometimes I forget how lucky blessed my family and I really are.
I: In-laws, I have GREAT in-laws and that's something a lot of people can't say.  They love me like family, and I'm truly grateful for that.
J: J-O-B, I love days off but I am SO thankful to have a job, and a job that I love at that.
K: Kind words when you need them most
L: Little brothers.  I love my Bren.
M: Medicine, it has been my saving grace with these darn braces.
N: Needs, I'm thankful every last one of our needs are met.  Adam and I may have a long list of wants, but there's not a single thing we need.  Truly thankful for that.
O: Odom blood.  Sumrall by choice, Odom by birth.
P: Popcorn.  I heart movie theater popcorn, and I miss it so - just another reason to hate braces (notice braces are NOT on this list!)
Q: Quiet nights at home with my two loves, Adam and Beauf.
R: Running, thankful that I can and thankful that I do.
S: Sisters, I miss Jessie and Corri but so thankful for the times we do get to spend together.
T: True Blood, just can't get enough of Eric, I mean, of that show - haha!
U: Umbrella, always carry one in my purse and I'm always thankful for it when I need it.
V: Vacations.  Doesn't matter where we go or what we do, it's just always so nice to get away sometimes.
W: Walks, late afternoon walks with Adam and Beauf are the best.
X: Xtra (come on, X is hard) long showers that use every last drop of hot water.
Y: Yummy food, my mind is obviously on food!
Z: Zip code, I love Nashville and I'm so thankful to call it home.

Today is not only Thanksgiving, but it's also my sweet sister, Corri's birthday.  She is the big 22 today!

All my siblings at my dad's wedding a couple of weekends ago - that's Corri in the blue dress.  Isn't she cute?!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Corri.  Love you bunches!  And to the rest of you, try not to stuff your face too much!

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