Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hunt 5 Miler

Saturday, we competed in our second Tennessee State Parks Running Tour race.  This past weekend was the Halloween Hunt 5 Miler at Long Hunter State Park in Hermitage, Tenn.

It's such a beautiful time of year for trail runs.  I just love all the trees, and it was the perfect temp.  I thought it was cold at first, but once I started running, it was perfect!

The race made two loops around the lake.  I didn't know we would be repeating the loop, so I was a little bummed about that.

This race was 110x better than the last trail run, and you want to know why??
Paved trail!!  Thank you, lawd!  You still get the beautiful scenery of a trail run without the fear of breaking your neck.  This race was also nice and flat with no monstrous mountains like the last race.

Guess who else ran?
Yep, she was there again, and I snuck another picture of her. (Let me just tell you, it takes true talent to run and sneak pictures of people.  It may have taken 10 tries, but I finally got a half-way decent one!)

Can I just tell you she is the reason I got a PR.  I like to run at around a 9 - 9:15 min. pace.  This is comfortable to me.  Could I run faster? Probably, but this pace is not slow by no means.  Well, this little grandma was on my tail!  She was trying her hardest to get around me, so I had to kick it into overdrive.  I could NOT let her pass me - I do have a little bit of pride!  I finished my first mile at 8:17, because she was on my tail and not letting up!  I finally got a good distance between us, but I still had to keep a 8:30 pace so she wouldn't catch up.  This is sprinting for me! 

Grandma and her husband were UNBELIEVABLY fast!  I couldn't even catch him.  Grandma was slower at the last race due to the hills, but she was hauling ass on this weekend's flat course.  Adam said I should refer to her as "nemesis." Really, my nemesis has to be a Grandma?!?  Shouldn't it be another 20-something year old??  And the crazy part is, she was not the only fast elderly person.  There were a couple of others who finished ahead of both me and Adam that could have easily been our grandparents - these senior citizens are NO joke!!

When all was said and done, Adam and I both PR'ed!
Adam came in at 38 minutes - that's an overall pace of 7:40.  That is FLYING! 

I came in at 43:06 - that's an overall pace of 8:40 and 4th place in my age division.  I was really happy with that.  Like I said before, I normally like to stay in the lower 9-minute range, so I couldn't believe I kept this pace.  Plus, no hills always helps!

On to the next!

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