Tuesday, November 1, 2011

dailymile: October

I did it!!  I finally broke 50 miles!
This is not my first month to break 50 miles; it's just my first month since I've been tracking them on dailymile.  Since I had two races this month, it wasn't too hard to accomplish it, but now I'm never going to want to drop below 50 miles again.  No pressure....

I love logging my miles on dailymile.  Its feels like such an accomplishment watching the numbers increase after every run.  It really gives me a lot of motivation to run and keeps me in check.  I would have never known I did so poorly last month if I wouldn't have been tracking my mileage and vice versa - I wouldn't have known I broke 50 miles this month!  Go me (and Adam - my cute running buddy)!

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