Thursday, October 20, 2011


I'm a fan! Love, love, LOVE True Blood!  Wasn't sure if it would grow on me, but oh how it has!  Adam and I are halfway through season two. 

Whenever one of us mentions True Blood, it undoubtedly leads to one of us saying
You know, in that Bill Compton voice.

Some parts are so ridiculous that Adam and I can't help but laugh even though it's meant to be serious, but what can I say, I've fallen for the vamps!

Vamp Tramp!


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  1. Oh sweet lord, I love True Blood!!!! More than that I love Alcide Harveaux!!!!!

  2. I am so glad you came around! I am quite obsessed. Season 2 was the most ridiculous one. Season 3 was my favorite. Keep watching!

  3. it just gets better and better. And I'm pretty sure Jake and I went through the same thing...saying Sookie's name and talking like Tara.

  4. Mama Monster, I had to google Alcide Harveaux to figure out who he was. He hasn't made his grand appearance yet, but I can't wait for him too ;)


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