Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Puppy Love

 Sweet English bulldog

 Wittle bloodhound

Beauf's future brother - Basset hound and Shar-Pei mix

But nothing compares to my baby though

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  1. Adorable and I could just snuggle that little bloodhound to death. Love them wrinkles and the Basset/Shar Pei is pretty cool looking as well. But Beauford tops them all. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. Hannah and I will be at the Brentwood Dog park at 10:30A. Can Beauford come play?

  3. Oops, We will be at the dog park on Saturday, October 29th at 10:30a. Hope you can make it. I have not been to this new park yet. Have you?

  4. Ah man, we have a race Saturday at 11 a.m., so we won't be able to make it :(

    Are you talking about the new one in Brentwood? If so, yes. It's super nice, but it not very popular. Every time we've been, there's been a max of 6 dogs, so we also go to Percy Warner because there are always so many dogs.

  5. Hope we can meet up sometime soon before the weather is not favorable. Good luck at your race.


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