Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scarred for Life

Adam talked me into watching Paranormal Activity 2 this past weekend.

Oh boy, I did not want to watch it AT ALL.  The first movie really did a number on me.  It was one of those movies that literally shook me to the core.  Laugh all you want, but I don't mess around with demons, period!  I had problems falling asleep for weeks, heck months, afterwards.  Everytime I closed my eyes I just knew I would open them to a demon standing at the foot of my bed (Tell me I’m not the only crazy one…).  And let’s not even talk about having to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.  I would have rather my bladder burst than risk the chance of coming out from under the covers.  What is it about being under the covers?  I just feel so much safer under there!

But with Halloween just around the corner, Adam was itching to watch a scary movie and convinced me to watch the second Paranormal Activity.  I just knew I was doomed, but thankfully we watched it during the day instead of at night. (You know, you’re safer in the day – proven fact!)  Thank goodness, the second one had nothing on the first one.  It was creepy, but I haven’t been thinking about it every night while I’m trying to fall asleep like I did after the first one.  Definitely not core shaking.

Then Monday on the radio, they were talking about scary movies that left an impression on you as a kid, which got me thinking about scary movies from my own childhood.  Two movies really stood out to me.

First there was Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.

Chelle can back me on this one - we had a friend who ALWAYS wanted to watch this movie at sleepovers.  First off, my mom had given me strict instructions that I was NOT allowed to watch this movie (she knew I couldn’t handle it, and she was right!).  Well against my will at the slumber party, I watched it.  OMG!  Never was the same.  Pets, babies and humans being buried in an old Indian burial ground coming back to life evil – need I say more!

But the worst movie of all time, the one that really scarred me, was this evil little SOB!

Child’s Play – aka Chucky!  My gosh this movie was SO scary as a kid!  I didn’t sleep for weeks.  Not to mention, I had a fear of mistreating any of my stuffed animals from then on out for the fear of them coming alive and killing me in my sleep!

Did any movies as a kid, or now, really do a number on you?

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  1. I HATE that doll..

    p.s. i gave you an award on my blog yesterday


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