Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Favorites

Just some new life changing favorites you NEED to know about -

Adam and I had to run to the grocery store Sunday to pick up a few things, so we split up the list.  Adam's assignment: a few odds and ends and fruit.  The boy came back with his arms loaded down in fruit - really, Adam, there's only two of us!  He had a SACK of oranges, bananas and a BAG of honeycrisp apples.

To me, an apple is an apple, but I've been hearing a lot lately about these so called a-maz-ing honeycrisp apples.  When we checked out, the BAG of apples rang in at $14.50!!  What tha! Adam immediately jumped in and said, oh but they're on sale; just wait until we use our Kroger card.  Well after the Kroger card, they STILL rang in at a little over $10.  In my book, that is WAYYYY too much for apples.  All the fruit together should have cost $10, not just the apples.

After splitting a few of these bad boys with Adam (because they're the size of a small cat's head!), I take back all the negative comments - Adam did good with his apple selection.  These apples are SOOO worth their price tag.  I'm really not much for just eating apples (apples in desserts are different), but these honeycrisp are to die for!  Juicy, sweet and NOT mushy! You gotta try them.  I'm telling you they'll change you life (or at least you opinion on apples).

My other new favorite - 
Thank you chapstick gods for this little piece of heaven on earth!

As of yesterday, the braces have been on for a full month (1 down, 11-14 more months to go!  If that don't getcha down...).  I have somewhat gotten used to them (I mean, come on, do you ever really get used to braces....).  I don't have that "full month" feeling anymore, and for now, my teeth don't hurt.  Eating is still a bitch challenge and will be until they come off, but the biggest problem recently has been my oh-so-sad, cracked, peeling and dry lips.

I've always been an avid chapstick wearer, but this has been out of control.  Ole Burt's Bees wasn't doing the trick anymore.  My lips were crying for help!  After a little research on, where else, the internet, I noticed a lot of braces wearers like myself raving about Aquaphor Lip Repair.  It supposedly used to be by prescription only but is now over the counter.  This stuff changed my life, and definitely brought my lips back to life.  It kind of feels like Vaseline on my lips, and it doesn't wear off unless you eat or drink.  My lips were still moist when I woke up this morning - a-maz-ing!  It also doesn't have that ingredients that's in Carmex that makes you essentially addicted to the stuff.  I LOOOVE it!

You got any new life changing favorites you'd like to share??

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  1. I absolutely LOVE HC apples, however I don't know if I'd pay 10.00 for a bag. If you live anywhere near or know where one is Aldi's here in Nashville has their 2lb bags for 2.00 this week (that's if you finish your other bag or want to make a pie or crumble or something).

  2. Ahh, good to know, Renee. Thanks for the heads up!


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