Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans half marathon, here we come!  March 4, 2012!

Yep, had absolutely no intentions of running this until Monday.  The Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans series is doing an a-maz-ing promotion that I just couldn't pass up.  If the Saints win, the following day between noon-midnight, the Rock 'n' Roll series offers a discount based on the number of points the Saints beat their opponent by.  For example, if the Saints win by 11 points, then Rock 'n' Roll series offers an $11 discount on the entry fee.

Well.....the Saints kicked ASS on Sunday with a score of 62-7, a 55 point win equaling a $55 discount (I bet you were counting on that, Rock 'n' Roll series).  So on Monday between noon and midnight, the normally $90 race entry fee was only $35!! Cha-ching!  We just couldn't pass it up!  Adam and I are all signed up and guess who else jumped on board - my dad!  He's back on the saddle as well.  Me and Adam's families only live an hour and half away from New Orleans, so it's super convenient for my dad.

This race just might prelude to a MUCH bigger race but still debating/working on that one.  I'll keep you posted.

I can't wait for a little weekend trip to the Big Easy with my favorite running buddies!

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  1. That is a great deal. I wonder if they let four legged dogs run :-)?

  2. Haha, I don't think so. I don't know about Roscoe, but Mr. Beauf would pass out after mile 1!

  3. Very very jealous - I literally had to block the RnR website to keep my trigger-happy, can't-pass-up-a-good-deal finger from registering.


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