Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy All Hallows' Eve

"Mom, really??"

"Well at least it highlights my athletic physique and bulging chest, and who doesn't love a cape!?!"

"What's that I hear - Is someone in trouble?"

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Beauford, love your costume. Mommy says we are recycling our costumes this year. So, I will be a firefighter and Hannah will either be a cow or hot dog :-) We have lots of trick-or-treaters that come by our house and look forward to seeing us through the window.

  2. These are so funny! My monsters probably wouldn't behave quite as well in a costume!

  3. @Val - Thankfully he was tried out from a long walk, so he just sat there. He did not care one bit - ha!

  4. He is so cute in his superman cape!!

  5. Beauford, you look SUPER in your costume. I think you definately have the chest to have that big ol "S" on you. So good of you to let your humans dress you up. We do not allow that at our house. Winston eats them off as fast as they are going on, if you can catch him. Amiee gets close on she stiffens up like a statue and will not move. BOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  6. Oh Beau you poor man! Please pass along to your humans that you need a more manly costume!

    The CheeseHounds


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