Friday, October 7, 2011

Dailymile: September

I'm a little late on my September mileage update
I don't know what happened for September, but it didn't goes as well as August nor did I reach the goal I set for myself.  That is VERY frustrating to me.  The last week of September I ran almost every day to pick up mileage, and I still couldn't make my 50 mile goal - heck, I couldn't even get to 42 miles like the previous month.  (That should tell you how September went if the last week of the month I ran my butt off and still made little progress toward my goal.)

Like I said, I'm not sure what happen, because I felt like I ran as much as usual.   I really like keeping up with my mileage.  It keeps me in check and encourages me to run because I set goals for myself and 1. I like to reach goals I set and 2. I like to see that number climb.

So once again, I'm setting 50 miles as my goal for October.  I know I will reach it this month.  I'm already registered for two races this month - a 7.6 miler and a 10K.

My thoughts exactly!

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