Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Competition x2

Besides Adam making a FABULOUS headboard, the main reason for our trip home to Mississippi was to attend my baby sister Jessie's band competition on Saturday.

The competition was at Oak Grove High School, and it wasn't actually a competition, but for ratings.

Petal Band received all 1s (1 being the highest and 3 being the lowest).  This year's show was tribal inspired, and it was a-maz-ing as usual.

Jessie's a senior at Petal and plays the xylophone in the band. (She's the redhead.)

Not to brag, but of course, she's section leader. (I mean, she is the best in the pit....)

After the competition, Adam peaced out to his parents house for the night and we (meaning all my siblings) headed back to my dad's house for a slumber party.  Jessie and Brennon still live at home, but Corri and I don't.  It was nice to have all four of us under the same roof for the night.

The Odom crew: Me, Corri (21), Jessie (17) and Brennon (15). I just realized we are sitting in birth order; that was completely by accident.

There was pizza and cookies, a couple of games of CLUE (I love that game!) and lots of laughs.  Before we knew it, it was past midnight.

The hardest part about not living in Mississippi is not being able to see our families at any given moment.  I miss these three a lot (and I mean a WHOLE lot), and it really meant a lot to have that time with them Saturday night - just the four of us. 

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