Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tennessee Running Tour

Tennessee State Parks kicks off its 33rd Annual Running Tour next weekend, and I'm PUMPED!  
Every Saturday, Oct. 8 - March 3, a different state park across the state is hosting a race. It's a total of 21 races varing from 5 -13 miles. 

Here's the kicker:  If you pre-register at least one week in advance, the entry fee is only $6!  6 bucks!!!!  Can you believe that?!?  Most pre-registration entry fees are at least $25, and you have to pre-register three months out from the race to get the discount.  When there are two of you, that's 50 bucks and it adds up fast!

We won't be able to participate in all the races, because they are hosted all across the state, but the ones that are an hour away or less, we will DEFINITELY be there.  All the races start at 11 a.m. local time, which is amazing since we won't have to get up at the crack of dawn to make it, and most of the races are trail runs - even better!

Adam just happen to stumble across the running tour info when searching for races.  We both had no idea this even existed.  If you live in Tennessee (heck, if you are close to Tennessee) and run, you need to check this out.

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  1. Amanda and I were just talking about looking for a 5k. We will have to check thus out!

  2. What fun! I grew up close to Tims Ford State Park and Lake- it would be a lovely place to hold a run.

    I cracked up at the running basset hound!


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