Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unwelcomed Guest

Yep, he moved in yesterday!

And it appears he has set up camp with no plans to leave anytime soon.

It started yesterday, just like it always does...
You know the drill.  I couldn't stop sneezing, and my nose was running like a dang leaky faucet.

I must have went through a bazillion tissues, because my nose had a constant drip.

As the day progressed, it only got worse.  By 9 p.m. last night, I had had enough!  I threw back a few chugs of this, and I was out like a light!

By morning, the leaky nose had been replaced with full on nasty, disgusting mucus.  My only defense is the ole trusty Mucinex.
Hopefully, this will do the trick.  I hate being congested.  I really don't feel bad; I just can't breathe well.  And I know what's to come - the part I hate most about being congested - a sore, raw nose!  It's pure torture!!

Oh, well.....that's life!

**On a side note**
Today is my one year anniversary at my job, and its still just as fabulous!

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  1. Oh no, hope you are feeling better soon! My daughter started kindergarten last week and of course already has a cold too!!!! Icky!

  2. Thanks! I hope your lil one gets to feeling better as well.


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