Monday, August 1, 2011

New Bed For Beauf

No need to call Animal Protection, we finally got Beauford a bed he can properly fit in!

Let me just back this story up a bit......
When we first got Beauf, we bought him this nice (nice = pricey) bed. 

He had plenty of room to sprawl out, but unfortunately destroyed it.

Then we got bed #2.  It was from Target (aka not so expensive, ok it was really cheap), and we thought (well, I thought) it would be big enough for him.

Well, it wasn't!  He was bustin' out of the sides every which-a-way!

He also managed to chew a hole through the bottom.  I have been wanting to get Beauford a new bed, but Adam was not fully on board for the mere fact that Beauford has a track record of tearing beds up.  Certain friends (*cough Nicole and Val cough*) were making fun of us for not getting Beauford a bed he could actually fit in.  I was starting to get a "neglectful parent" complex.  Is this picture pathetic or what??  I should have been locked up with the key thrown away! 

So needless to say, we bought Beauf a new bed this weekend.
It has been the most expensive bed to date, but it is a Kong bed, so hopefully he won't be able to destroy it.

Beauford LOVES it!  And he actually fits in it.

Well, sorta....

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  1. Hahahaha! I love these pics!! Especially the last one :)

  2. Oh, Beauford your new bed looks so comfy why are you hanging out half on the floor. We do see you are very lucky as you have carpet when you fall out of your bed. We have hardwood floor so we stay in our beds. Mom also uses an old baby bed mattress for one of our dog beds. It is our orthopedic bed (on the cheaper side). BOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs

    P.S. -- Cleo goes Wed for her 2nd opinion for her back. We hope for a good report and get her some relief. We will post once we have more details after Wednesday. And Mom says she is taking pictures of the accupunture process. Yikes Cleo and Mom

  3. I'm laughing so hard, Beauford is hysterical and I've got pics of him busting out of his bed when he stayed with me. I think he is just dramatic! You are definitely not a bad mama.

  4. LOL! I think some dogs just like sleeping with their head down. My boys will sleep with their hanging off the end of our King sized bed!


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