Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In the great debate between cake or ice cream, cake ALWAYS wins in my book - hands down!  I'd been thinking about cake all weekend long, specifically this cake!  I even tried to go to the cupcake shop near our house Sunday night to satisfy my cake craving, but unfortunately, they were closed and I almost cried!

I decided yesterday that I was going to stop at the grocery store after work and get everything I needed to make it.  Since I love lemon and blueberry flavors together, I decided to substitute the yellow cake and vanilla pudding for lemon cake and lemon pudding.  Oh My Goodness!  It turned out great.  It has the perfect hint of lemon flavor; not overpowering or tart like lemon cakes can sometimes be.

Hungry yet?

**Ironically, I made this exact cake (minus the lemon part) for the very first time one year ago today. I had no idea until I went to add this link.  Freak-y!!

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  1. Hmmm...the last time I cried b/c a particular food craving was closed, I was...well, you know! :P

  2. You better stop with that voodoo talk! I didn't ACTUALLY cry like some :) It was more of a mental cry/disappointment.


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