Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's Just Ah, A Little Crush (Crush)

Remember that song - Jennifer Paige - Summer of '98

At lunch the other day with this gal and this gal, we some how got on the topic of celebrity crushes. These three IMMEDIATELY came to mind for me (in no particular order, may I add):

Justin Timberlake – ever since your N*SYNC days…

Bradley Cooper – Yes, please!

And last, but definitely not least, David Beckham – move over Posh!

Note to Adam: What can I say, I’ve got a thing for men with shaved heads….

Once we all revealed which celebrities we secretly drooled over, the conversation turned to which celebrities our men drooled over.  I won’t repeat Jake’s and Bob’s (though one was SO hilarious that I could not stop laughing; I still chuckle when I think about it), but I will reveal Mr. Sumrall’s.

This was who came to my mind first and who I said was Adam’s celebrity crush:
Sofia Vergara
He literally drools over her on Modern Family (by the way, hil-ar-ious show).  I mean, come on, what does she have that I don’t…….don’t answer that!

When I was retelling this whole conversation later to Adam, he quickly told me, “Um, you left out my girlfriend…”

Oh good lord – Grace Potter.  How did I forget her…..

Who’s your celebrity crush??  Any of your’s on my list?

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  2. Okay, that deleted comment above is mine...don't know what happened! This is soo funny, b/c my hubs and most of his male friends I believe have a HUGE crush on Grace Potter right now. I mean, so she looks like a supermodel and happens to be a super talented musician and can rock out...whatever.

    And Bradley Cooper is DEFINITELY on my list too! :)

  3. I totally agree, Mindi. Pssh, so she can play guitar....


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