Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bare With Me...

as I call

Let me just back up a little.....

Tuesday, Adam said, "I noticed you have 100 followers on your blog."
Me: "You actually looked at my blog..."  (The boy never reads the blog.)
Me: "I'm not holding my breath.  I'm sure it [100 followers] won't last long."

You see, I've reached 100 followers multiple (yes, multiple times), but every time I reach the covenant 100, somebody stops following me.  Sure enough, Wednesday I was back at 99.  To make things worse, today I'm at 98.
Theme song for the day:

Or maybe, I should just change my prospective on the situation...

Your loss, suckas!!!

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  1. Well, you can add me! I don't "follow" blogs by signing up for emails. I have you in my google reader though.

  2. Ditto! And I read every post. Promise. :)


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