Friday, July 15, 2011


I've heard through the grapevine a couple of times that several people who read my blog pronounce Beauford's name wrong or don't know how to pronounce it.  I've heard this so many times that I thought I should clear it up in a blog post.

So the question is: Is the name Beauford pronounced Boford or Buford??

Well it can be pronounced either way, but obviously we only pronounce it one way.  When we adopted Beauford, he already had the name.  I first laid eyes on him on where his name was displayed above his picture.  We thought the name was just perfect, so we kept it.  To me (and Adam), there was only one way to pronounce the name Beauford, and for us, it's "Buford"! For all we know, Beauford's previous owners may have called him "Boford," but it was always "Buford" for us.

So there you have it, we call Beauford "Buford" NOT "Boford."  I can see the confusion with words like "beau" pronounced "bo," but there are also words like "beau"tiful which is similar to how we pronounce Beauford.

Some of you are probably thinking, "OOOhhhh, now it makes sense when they call him Mr. Beauf."  We pronounce it Mr. "Buf" not Mr. "Bof." Sounds better now, huh?  Or when I call him Beaufie - pronounced "Bufie" and not "Bofie."

Hope that clears up any confusion!

We are having visitors once again this weekend, so I'll be MIA until Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend!  I know I will with these two in town!

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  1. Jealous that you get to spend the weekend with such fun people, behave!


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