Friday, July 1, 2011

New Toy

This morning was NOT a good morning.  My ole trusty straightener of a year and a half died on me.  NOT good!  I straighten my hair, and when it wouldn't get hot this morning, I was at the point of either A. crying or B. throwing the straightener through a wall (more on the throwing it through a wall side....).

Well, all is right in the world again, because I spent my lunch break and paycheck (them jokers aren't cheap!) at Sally's picking up this little beauty:
 Ion Titanium Platinum Gator Digitial Styling Iron (sounds fancy, huh?)

I've never used this particular brand, but the sales girl said it was the best straightener they sold, so I was sold.  Hopefully, it and my hair will be really great friends for many years to come. Hopefully....

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