Thursday, July 21, 2011

Landon Sage

Yesterday, my cousin, Adina, gave birth to a sweet 5 lb, 13 oz. little boy,  Landon Sage Odom.  He couldn't be more perfect and beautiful. All newborns are beautiful, but lets be honest, c-section babies are extra beautiful.

Exhibit A

Adina lives only 30 minutes away from Nashville in Murfreesboro, so I actually got to visit her and Landon yesterday in the hospital.  Adina, and the rest of my uncle's family, are the only family Adam and I have here in Tennessee, and it's so nice that they are so close.  It was really special being able to hold Landon on his first day of life outside the womb.

Please direct your attention to the sweet bundle of joy I'm carrying and not my double chin.  I said, quite looking at my double chin (I know you're gawking over it!!)  Guess who took that picture.....thanks, honey!!

Mama and her sweet lil' man.  

Congrats, Adina!  Remember, I'm only 30 minutes away and ready to babysit at a moments notice!

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful baby! My daughter will be 11 months old next week- but it feels like moments ago I was holding her on her first day. It goes fast!

  2. What a sweet baby. I just love the way they smell, almost like a new puppies breath. :) BOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs

    P.S..Thanks for the words of encouragement for Mom, she loves her vet and doesn't want to upset anyone, just wants me to be a happy girl again. Cleo

  3. He's so little! Do I detect a little baby fever in that second picture? ;)

  4. Val, he was a cutie, but I wouldn't go that far....


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