Friday, July 29, 2011

The Dog

No, not Beaufie! An actually hot dog joint called The Dog in Nashville.

This girl, this girl, this girl and I had lunch today at The Dog.  I mean, come on, it's Friday and it's payday!  I had never been there and for good reasons - I don't do hot dogs.  I haven't eaten one in years, and mentally just cannot do it anymore.  The hot dogs at The Dog are 100% Angus beef, but I just couldn't do.  Luckily, they also have hamburgers, so all was well in the world.

I'm so glad I went!  The food was delicious and a heart attack all rolled into one.  Amanda and Val ordered an order of fried pickles SPEARS (O-M-G!) and Katie had an order of fried oreos that I also sampled (I told you it was a heart attack meal!) not to mention my order of onion rings and a bacon cheeseburger.  You only live once, right?!?

Two hours later, do I still feel like I'm going to puke?  Why yes, yes I do.  It was oh so bad, but yet....oh so good!  I guess I'll be skipping dinner tonight........maybe.

Happy Friday!!

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