Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stop the Press!!

Hef is single again!

Hugh Hefner, 85, and fiance Crystal Harris, 25, called off the wedding just 5 days before the big day.  Oh goodness, it couldn't possibly be over the 60 year age difference.....GROSS! 

But this is embarrassing....
The July cover of Playboy that hit stands today introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner.  Hef, couldn't you have pulled some strings and had the cover changed before it went out.....or maybe he wanted to embarrass Crystal.

If only I were 19 years old with fake boobs and blonde hair and had a thing for wrinkly old rich men......NOT!!

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  1. It's a cute puppy on the cover of the mag though! :P

  2. Yes, it's a bit awkward that the cover wasn't changed. Interesting outfit, though. There's a lot going on (style-wise, that is...definitely not pants-wise).

  3. I'm quite interested in the 'Apocalypse Chic: The Ultimate Bomb Shelter' - haha

    As for this whole situation, obviously girl wasn't happy with the prenup ;)

    Also, Ryan is looking for Graphic Design jobs in Nashville -- maybe we'll be neighbors!!

  4. Ainslee, I noticed the Apocalypse Chic Bomb Shelter as well - too funny!

    If yall are up this way interviewing or just checking things out, please let me know. I know Adam (and me) would LOVE to get together for dinner or something.


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