Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She's Done It Again

Back in December, Nicole, my dear friend and owner of Nicole Gagliano Photography, shot some family photos for us (the picture in the header is from that shoot). While Jessie was in town last week, Nicole shot her senior portraits.

What can I say?? Nicole did it again! They are stunning! See for yourself.

I just love her serious face.  Nicole thinks Jessie could pass for a Free People model, and I must agree.

Obviously, I wasn't prepared for my photo shoot *hot mess*

Love my baby sister.

If you live close to Nashville, you need to look up Nicole Gagliano Photography.  She's fabulous!  Thanks again, Nicole!

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  1. What a bee-u-tee-ful baby sister! Adorable!

  2. I would move to Nashville to have your friend photograph me and my family but unfortunately I need someone to buy a plane ticket for me. Ha! Ha! Your sister is gorgeous and that red hair is stunning!


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