Monday, May 23, 2011


Saturday while shopping at the mall, I noticed a Payless (I had no idea there was one in the mall). We stopped in, and I found some REALLY cute shoes. Payless has stepped up their game!  In the past, their shoes usually stink, but not so much anymore. I found multiple pairs that I loved but settled on these:
Cute, huh?  I've been needing some new brown wedges, and Payless delivered!  Can't beat $19.99.

I also fell in love with these, and they were SUPER cute on.
I was just about to head to the register, but thought I better checked the price tag first.  Since this was PayLESS, I was expecting no more than $25 maybe $30 ($30 is pushing it in my book for Payless).  Well to my surprise, they were $64.99!! Wait a minute!  I'm in PayLESS, not Macy's shoe department.  What the heck!  This is NOT ok, Payless. 

So needless to say, I only walked away with the cute and affordable brown clogs.  Even with the expensive shoes mixed in the racks at Payless, I'll be back, because there was still a lot of cute, affordable shoes.  I'm impressed with Payless once again but will always check the price tags from now on!

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