Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ok, Birthday Recap: Take 2!

Blogger, I am SO mad at you! Not only were you down for almost 24 hours, you totally DELETED my birthday post!! UGH!! Thank you Google Reader!!

Another birthday came and went, and for the most part (you know, minus the having to work part...), it was wonderful!  Here's a recap in pictures.

The day started off at work with this:

 My cubicle decorated by Val and Nicole.  What's not to love about having Beaufie everywhere!?!

Notice the sweet little paw print.

 My handsome date for dinner at Rose Peppers.

Strawberry ice cream cake from Cold Stone and birthday cards.  The one with the pup on the front is from Beauford :)

Not everything was captured in pictures such as the birthday cookies Val made, birthday lunch with Val and Nicole, watching Due Date (hilarious!) curled up on the couch with Adam and Beauford and all the sweet phone calls, texts, facebook and blog messages I received throughout the day that made the day just that more special.

**Blogger, if you even think about pulling a stunt like that again, you'll be SERIOUSLY sorry!

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