Friday, May 6, 2011

Move Thunder Thighs, MOVE!!

Since my blog is also my journal, I’m going to start documenting my workouts. I like being able to see improvement/progress, and this will help me track it. I will not post about workouts everyday, but probably once a week, if that. I just want to be able to look back at my numbers when/if I get the urge.

Week one after the half marathon: I need to change things up if I’m going to improve, and I realize this.  My workouts before the race consisted of strictly running and endurance training, but that's got to change. I have to start cross training to build strength and help with injury prevention, and speed work to get faster. I really want my next half marathon to be under two hours, and this is going to help accomplish this (I hope). I normally work out four days a week, but I think I’m going to have to step it up to five days a week to fit in everything I want to do in one week. So here’s how the first week went:

Monday: Elliptical 30 mins/4.30 miles/rolling hills
Oh.My.Goodness! This was my first day of cross training in months, and it showed! First off, the air conditioner wasn't working in our apartment’s gym, so I felt like I was working out in a sauna! It was tough and toasty, for sure!

Tuesday: 20 minute total body video on Comcast’s OnDemand exercise section; LOTS of squats and lunges. Afterward, Adam asked me if it was difficult. I said no and that I probably wouldn't do that one again. Well….that “easy” video sure did have my butt sore all day Wednesday.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Speed work – 4 miles: 2 miles/15 mins/7.5 pace; 2 miles/17 mins/8.5 pace
Can't we just take a minute to look at those times!!!  I still can't believe it!
This was a first for me and the mother of all workouts this week. I have never tried speed work, because I have a comfortable pace (between a 9-10 min pace; usually more on the 9:30-10 min pace) and that's what I cruise at. Well….to get better requires getting faster which requires, you guessed it, speed work. I know the importance of it, but it’s something I’ve been avoiding like the plague!

I almost died during the first two miles because I was pushing with everything I had. When I finished the first two miles and realized I had a 7.5 pace, I almost started jumping up and down I was so excited (but obviously, I didn’t because my legs were SHOT!). The last two miles I did intervals of my normal pace and speed work. I just couldn’t do the whole 2 miles at a fast pace, but I didn't want to give up and run at my normal pace the whole time.  I was really happy with the 8.5 pace. I'm going to try to incorporate one day of speed work into the mix every week. I know I will really see results this way, but it’s going to suck (just being real, people)!

Friday: Rest.  Side note - My lower back is killing me today from yesterday's run.  May have pushed it a little too hard....

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Adam and I are planning a long run in the morning, probably 9-10 miles.

Watch out, Ryan Hall!  I'm speed training now!!
Me looking seriously possessed chasing down and pushing the US marathon record holder out of the way.  *Taken at the Country Music Marathon Expo last Friday*

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  1. What a cute picture - you're cracking me up! And, sounds like you had a great week working out - seriously great motivation! I can never find that kind of motivation! Good for you!

  2. bahaha, you really do look a little evil! He better watch out!

  3. Looks like you had a good work out week- good job on the speed work, I despise speed work.

    As for thunder thighs, I don't see them.

    Happy Friday,



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