Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

When I woke up this morning, I was expecting just a few minor things: a full breakfast in bed, a sweet card and possibly flowers. I personally don't think that's too much to ask....

Well, to my surprise, nothing! No breakfast in bed, no flowers and not even a cheap card....HELLO!!! It's my first mother's day!!

Beauford didn't forget though.  He gave me a big wet Happy Mother's Day kiss to the face to wake me up and face reality.  I expressed my concerns to Adam, who, for some odd reason, thought it was funny!  His response, "Until you 'pop' out a kid or we adopt, we are NOT celebrating Mother's Day.  Being Beauford's mom doesn't count!" 

The nerve!!  With all I do for that little pup, I think I deserve some recognition.  He is our "first born," but it appears the child must be human to get any credit.  Excuse me.....

No harm done though, because in the end, Beauford surprised me with a sweet card he made all by himself.

He's so thoughtful!

Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. What a cute post, with that said Happy Mother's Day!! :)

  2. I think you totally count as a mommy! Love you!

  3. Aw, thanks Chell! Happy Mothers Day to you times 2 (or should I say 3, don't want to leave duece out :)) Love you too!


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