Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just What I Always Wanted!

Look what my bestie got me for my birthday!
It's the Pioneer Woman's new children's book about her basset hound Charlie.  It came in the mail Friday, and I almost DIED when I opened it!  Chelle saw the same blog post about this book that I did and just knew I had to have it, not knowing how bad I actually wanted it.  I was THRILLED when I opened the package from Chelle to find "Charlie the Ranch Dog" waiting inside. *Notice my little "ranch dog" in the background.  He was SO excited!  Can't you tell?!*

Of cource I had to read it to Beauf.  After hearing about Charlie's exciting life, Beauford now wants to be a ranch dog too.  Maybe I'll write a book about Beauf - Beauford the Apartment Dog!  It will be all about sleeping, eating and pooping.

Thanks Chelle and Duece!  We love it!

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  1. That is such a cute photo with you reading to Beauford!!

  2. So stinkin' cute. I love the first pic where you can see little Beauford in the background.

  3. Okay, so you have no idea how relieved I was that you wanted it, and I wasn't being creepy getting you a children's book! YAY

  4. in the first pic, Beaford is making the same exact face as Charlie! Ahhhh, love it!

  5. Nicole, please! I told Beauford to pose like that for the!


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